Andrew Rusling

 Queuing Theory and the Theory of Constraints can increase your throughput; learn how to apply them with 21 simple experiments.



Queuing Theory and the Theory of Constraints are two powerful theories that can increase your throughput. This session explains both theories in simple terms then covers how they can be applied in the real world by agile teams. 21 simple throughput increasing experiments are described that you can immediately use. The Theory of Constraints can identify the one constraint that is preventing your team from increasing its throughput. It also shows us how to remove that constraint in the cheapest way possible.


About Andrew

Andrew Rusling created the Scrum Roles & Responsibilities game and the Weekend Escape game, both of which are available on He has successfully delivered six Scrum transformations, two in the UK and four in Australia. His coaching has been utilised in sectors as diverse as banking, finance, ecological management, telecommunications, incubators, economy boosters, gambling and casual games. His move into Agile Coaching came after a 10 year career as a software developer, working in the UK and Australia. Utilising a pragmatic and adaptive approach Andrew grows the agile & lean capabilities of organisations. He loves helping their staff to collectively achieve great outcomes while boosting their morale.