Lee Stemm

Influencing Different Personality Types & How to
Adapt Your Communication Style

For as much as we complain about our colleagues, workplaces would be boring—and ineffective—if we all shared the same personalities, motivations, and communication styles.

That said, there’s a difference between individual personality types complementing each other and conflicting with one another. In fact, these differences can lead to challenges in the workplace and business if they aren’t appropriately addressed.

While every situation is different, learning to identify these different types will help you develop and adapt your communication style that is needed to keep your office/business working harmoniously. Good communication builds teams and increases employee and client loyalty.

About Lee

Lee started her business in 2001 and currently holds the qualifications of Master Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Counsellor, Corporate Executive Coach and Trainer, Business Strategic Breakthrough Strategist, Martial Artist and Author.
She assists companies in the development of their team leaders tailoring their coaching around their professional development plans. She works intensely with sales teams and leaders ensuring that new strategic strategies are implemented, Lee works with the skillsets and behaviors which has a positive impact on the company reaching their desired goals.

Over the past 17 years Lee has guided and mentored senior executives, team leaders and teams with some of the leading companies within Australia. Some of her clients over the years have been Holiday Inn, Hemisphere GPS, Australia Post, Panbio, Hayes Knight and Associates, Blake Landscaping, Cleanworks and many more.