About us

Australian * Flexible * Effective

**PM1World Pty Ltd (Australian Corporation) ** Head Office: Brisbane

Service Locations: Global Coverage

Main Phone Number: 07 3535 0614

Affiliated with Bay3000 Corporate Education PMI Registered Education Provider

**As a Centre of Excellence, PM1World is a leader in Project and Program Management Education for individuals and organisations. PM1World is a proud Australian company with global presence and with ties and alignment to global best practice methods and approaches. ** Over the years, we have received significant recognition for the quality of our programs, the quality of our team, and the impact to our client objectives.

The demand for trained project and program managers has significantly increased, and our courses align to the growing need to train managers and specialists in project management processes and techniques in a way that results in real on-the-job improvements way beyond the classroom. Our extensive curriculum in project management addresses the skills that should be applied to the entire range of projects and programs.

Our trainers are proud members of various PMI Chapters and many have served as Board members and volunteers. We encourage our clients to also support your local chapters.

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